How to learn anything…

A teacher is someone that describes or explains some new information to someone else. The most effective teaching solution would be one that incorporates as many different methods of teaching as possible. It would comprise of audio, visual, and kinetic means, in order to appeal to all sides of the brain, and really enforce the information into your memory. A perfect teaching solution would provide as wide a variety of methods for covering the same information again and again as possible – emphasising repetition, as well as appealing to all different types of learners and all sides of the brain. The more you see the same information in different ways (e.g. text, pictures, video, or verbally), the greater the chance of being able to learn that information, understand that information, and be able to recall it at will.

There are many ways to learn something, some are more effective than others, but the best way is to use multiple ways. The best way is to start learning something by using one method (say, reading), then to go over the same information again by using a different method, for example putting it into practical use. Then, the same information should be re-covered again (at some point) in a different way, perhaps by explaining to somebody else who doesn’t understand the subject, or by applying or revisiting the knowledge in any different way. The more times one covers the same information using different methods, the greater the chance of one being able to understand whatever it is, as well as being able to securely store it into your mind. Finally, revision techniques should be applied to keep the knowledge alive and fresh. It’s clear that my opinion of this best way to both teach, and to learn, is to use a variety of different methods in order to not cover different pieces of the knowledge to be learnt – but the same pieces of knowledge. Repetition in as many different ways as possible. Be creative.

In order to perform these various learning methods, numerous different resources are necessary. If these resources are limited, then the ability to use different methods to learn the same information is greatly reduced, and thus, it will become harder to learn and understand whatever it is. Resources are vital. For teaching, a good teacher will provide as many different resources as possible, such as notes, images, verbal explanations, diagrams, animations, exercises, tasks, or projects, and whatever else he or she could creatively come up with. When learning something individually, it’s up to the individual to either create these resources (a process of learning in itself), which can be built upon or used for revision, or to find these resources from teachers (who may come in the form of traditional teachers, lecturers, internet websites or forums, books, colleagues and friends).

Sources and resources of knowledge, information and explanation are essential to the ability to learn, and their quality and quantity will affect how effectively one can learn. The more that are available, the more learning methods become available, and the greater the chance one will come away with thorough knowledge and understanding of whatever the subject matter is.