Manging Sleep

So over the summer I read Sleep Hacks by SleepWarrior. The book outlines various tricks and tips to managing sleep, focusing on creating strong deep sleep as well as maximising the amount of time you can spend awake. One technique stood out to me, known as the 28-Hour-Day.
The 28-Hour-Day is an alternative to the standard 24-Hour-Day, which condenses the 7 days per week into 6 days per week. The idea being that instead of spending 16 hours awake and 8 hours sleeping, you spend 20 hours awake and 8 hours sleeping. This provides two benefits:

1. You gain an extra 8 hours per week of awake time.
2. The time that you sleep varies throughout the week.

This means that you can go out on certain nights (later in the week) and not have to worry about moving your body clock back come monday morning!

So… here’s my plan for sleep based on this 28-Hour-Day model:

The time I’m awake is in green, and the time asleep is in blue (click to enlarge).


So it should work. The awake time is crucially set so as I don’t miss lectures during the week (unless there are any on Monday afternoon) and I’m able to go out Monday, Friday. Saturday, Sunday (and partially Thursday) nights without having to worry about my body clock.

The sleep plan’s based on the idea to move your body clock forward than it is to move it back. Because over the seven 24-Hour-Days the time when you sleep has moved forward by 6 (days) x 4 (amount of hours later you sleep each day) = 24 hours, after a standard 7 day week you’re back to the start and so on.

So here’s the problem. Today I woke up at 12:00am (Sunday), so in order to start following this plan I need to go to sleep at 12:00am on Monday. It’s now 5:30am on Monday, and so I have to stay awake for another 6.5 hours, which would mean I’ll have been awake for a total of 24 hours. Not the best time to start following the plan it seems, but I’m going to have a stab at it. I’ve just made a fresh coffee and my Lord of the Rings Online subscription has been renewed (I know…)

So let’s see how it goes…