Tetris Cube Puzzle Solver

Shortly after my first year university examinations, I begun a summer Java project attempting to solve the Tetris Cube Puzzle and the Bedlam Cube Puzzle. After the summer, I still hadn’t managed to solve the problem, and I put the project on hold as I entered my second year of studying. Here’s a photo of what the program looked like running on my MacBook after the summer.

Photo of my MacBook running the Tetris Puzzle Solver software.

It’s old school stuff! Just some command line output to look at, which I limited to simply giving some kind of estimate as to how far through the combinations the solver had got.

Over the summer after my second year, I picked up the project again. I’d become considerably more experienced developing in Objective-C than I was at Java, so I decided to first convert the entire project to Objective-C, and then continue developing. I also added some OpenGL visuals so that you could see the puzzle being solved. Here’s a screenshot of the current Mac OS X version of the application.


I also wrote a version of the puzzle solver for the iPhone and the iPad, making use of the touch screens as a mechanism for rotating the puzzle as it’s being solved.

I was always aware of the fact that these puzzles had already been solved using computers, but I found that attempting to solve the puzzle on my own immensely beneficial. I refused to look at the details Kurowski’s solution as I’d much rather find my own! Besides, this solution is written in C++, and doesn’t (yet!) support visualisations.


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