Health and Safety at the Office

This evening I walked to the coffee machine at work to refill, and on my way up to the machine I most unexpectedly alarmingly slipped on the floor, almost fell over backwards, and crashed into the kitchen side. My toes were rammed into a wall, causing one to bleed quite badly and my back was jolted. I staggered to one side and looked around to examine the floor. There was a pool of water that was lit in a certain way that made it completely impossible to see as you approached it!

I thought afterwards that Health and safety conscious employees may go ballistic about something.

My reaction was to grab some paper towels and mop up some of the water, and then to put a series of plastic cups on the floor in a semi-circle around the pool, so that it was clearly visible to anyone who may come along next. Knowing that the cleaners would clear everything up the next time they came around, I made my coffee, left the area, and got on with my evening.

For typical office environments, I don’t think there’s ever any need to make a bigger deal out of health and safety than that.

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