Thinking About Life

The long winding road lies ahead. I wonder whether people think about life as I do. I wonder whether people really truly consider the finite nature of life.

I’ve got to a stage in my life where I’ve seen a fair few things. I’ve seen different philosophies and beliefs. I’ve seen different morals and ethics. I’ve seen right and wrong. I think to myself,

“What is it that my life is going to be? What is it that I’m going to do with my finite time in this world?”

It’s a huge question that I believe most of us actually spend huge amounts of time trying to avoid, or perhaps never even figure it out.

I know that in my life I shall avoid worrying about things for tomorrow is never the end of the world. I know that I shall try to free myself as much as possible. I shall question any new idea. I shall consider myself a citizen of the world, and not of any one particular region.

That’s what to me life is all about. It’s about a journey of discovery and experience. It’s about making the best effort possible to achieve what it is that one wants to achieve. It’s about following your heart. I hope that I shall live my life in this way. Always exploring, always daring, always questioning, always changing, always adapting to my own new self-beliefs, always trying to maintain freedom, gaining wisdom, thinking logically and observing beauty, striving for excellence and my own personal view of perfection in an imperfect world.

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