What’s it all about?

I’m 20. Explosion. I can see a large portion of my life in front of me… but…

What’s life all about anyway? Why is it we’re here? Are we really here to work and make money? Or to simply pass on our genes? How would it be possible to find true life fulfillment? What makes you really you? Am I happy with the person I currently am? Is society preventing me from being truly free? Should I really be asking these questions? Aren’t these important questions that you should ask yourself before you live your life?

The answers are out there somewhere. They’re probably going to be subjective answers, and they’re probably going to be very hard to find. Maybe life is about trying to find answers to questions, it certainly seems that way to me.

My Calendar

Hey guys,

I’ve been using iCal more and more to manage my time and have decided to publish it online. You can now view and check my schedule here:


I’ve recently been asked a lot more often when I’m free a lot so this should make scheduling easier!

Note: In order to see everything scheduled please ensure all calendars are selected on the right-hand side (I have five sub-calendars).